The Islay Whisky Club


During a tasting in April 2010 Prof. Walter Schobert and Juergen Richter met each other and they found out that both were members of the no longer existing Islay Whisky Club. Both agreed about the loss and thought about what to do. At that point the other two founders, Torsten Kaden and Sven Hirsch, came on board. They owned the German homepage of the no longer existing club and this should be used as a new basis. From the beginning on it was clear that the club should not be used for commercial interests. So the only chance was to handle it via internet and with emails. At the whisky fairs in Limburg and Ruesselsheim as well as during the Islay Whisky Festival in Eppertshausen the first interested members met the club. End of December 2010 we are now about 50 members who meet occasionally.

Membership and aims

We are a community of interest, not a registered club. Everybody who will give us his email address will receive the newsletter several times per year free of charge. We will not give your address to any third party.  On our homepage we want to give information about Islay and Jura as well as things worth knowing about the distilleries. We have installed a calendar, too, where events like the Islay Festival are noted. To attract other members we want to put in events of members as well. So if you plan or know an event about Single Malt Whisky in general or specially Islay Whisky please feel free to inform us. We will try to add it to the list. Many of us have been to Scotland and we would be happy to help you with information if you plan your holidays there. The homepage is bilingual to attract it to people whose mother tongue is not German. If you like Single Malt Whisky why not join us. If you are planning a trip to Germany we will be proud to provide the information you might need. If you are interested now send an email, please: